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Programming in Perl
and its applications to Bioinformatics

January-February 2005


The course will consist of 8 meetings, 3 hours each, on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the vacation between semesters.
The first meeting is dated Tuesday 25.1.2005, and the last one is dated Thursday 17.2.2005.
All meeting are between 12:30 to 15:30.


In the PC classroom on the third floor of the Dean's building.

Who will teach?

Dr. Yoav Smith.

What will be taught?

Perl Basics:

Introduction to Perl, Scalar Data, Built in Functions, Arrays, Functions, Writing Safe Code, Control Structures, File Input / Output, Introduction to Text Processing, Text Processing Functions, Loop Control, Hashes, DBM Databases, Advanced Sorting, Regular Expressions, Environment Variables, CGI-Programming.

Application to Bioinformatics-
Data Structures and Algorithms for biological sequences and databases:

Generating random DNA, Transcribing DNA to RNA, Simulating DNA mutations Reading DNA from files, Reading Frames.
GeneBank Separating Sequences and Annotation, Parsing Annotations, Indexing.
PDB: Overview, Files and Folders, Parsing PDB Files.
BLAST: String Matching and Homology, Blast output files, Parsing BLAST output, Presenting data.


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