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Bioinformatics Seminar

The Bioinformatics seminar joined forces with the weekly seminar in microbiology - under the title

seminar series in microbiology and bioinformatics


Every Monday at 9:00 sharp


First semester - Ulam Dalet

Second semester - Botnar smaller auditorium




Spring 2010 special seminars:



Dr. Ugur Sezerman
Biological Sciences and Bioengineering Program
Sabanci University, Turkey 
  Automatic Domain Identification using Contact Maps


Dr. Asa Ben-Hur
Department of Computer Science
Colorado State University  
  Machine learning approaches for prediction of Calmodulin binders and binding sites



Fall 2009 seminar list:

Special seminar


Dr. Emmanuel D. Levy
Biochemistry department
Universite de Montreal, Canada  
  Are all protein-protein interactions functional?
Lessons from evolution  
26.10.2009 Dr. Ben Y. Reis
Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School
  Towards Predictive Medicine:
The Intelligent Histories Project
9.11.2009 Michael Kertesz
Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
Weizmann Institute of Science
  Genome-Wide Measurement of RNA Secondary Structure by Deep-Sequencing 
23.11.2009 Prof. Ruth Nussinov
Department of Human Genetics
Faculty of Medicine,
Tel Aviv University
  Protein-protein interactions:
What is the preferred way for proteins to interact?
7.12.2009 Itai Sharon
Computer Science Department & Faculty of Biology
  Utilizing metagenomic data for the study of genes and gene cassettes
21.12.2009 Dr. Erez Levanon
Bar-Ilan University
  Genome-wide identification of human RNA editing sites by parallel DNA capturing and sequencing
Special seminar
Dr. Uri Hershberg
School of Medicine, Department of Pathology
Yale University
  A choreographed cascade of transcription factors controls the antiviral response in dendritic cells
4.1.2009 Dr. Liran Carmel
Department of Genetics, Life Sciences Institute,
The Hebrew University
  A universal nonmonotonic relationship between gene compactness and expression level in multicellular eukaryotes
18.1.2010 Prof. Ziv Bar-Joseph
Machine Learning department & Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
  Cross species analysis of functional data


Spring 2009 seminar list:

16.3.2009 Prof. Oded Beja
Facutly of Biology
  Viral Photosynthesis
6.4.2009 12th Israeli Bioinformatics Symposium - WIS
20.4.2009 Dr. Uri Gophna
Molecular Microbiology & Biotechnology
Tel-Aviv University
  The origin of eukaryotic-like genes in the bacterial pathogen Legionella pneumophila
27.4.2009 Dr Rotem Sorek
Department of Molecular Genetics
Weizmann Institute of Science
  Microbial genomics with high throughput sequencing
4.5.2009 Dr. Gal Chechik
Computer Science department
Stanford University & Google Research
  Dynamical analysis of molecular networks
18.5.2009 Prof. Edward Trifonov
Genome Diversity Center, Institute of Evolution
University of Haifa
  Evolutionary walks in formatted protein sequence space: aligning non-matching sequences

Prof. Gil Ast
Human Molecular Genetics & Biochemistry
Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University

  Chromatin organization and histone modifications mark exon-intron architecture
22.6.2009 Dr. Tomer Hertz
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
  Mapping the landscape of host-pathogen co-evolution: HLA class I-peptide interactions correlate with conservation in human and viral proteins


Spring 2008 seminar list:

3.3.2008 Dr. Dan Tawfik
Biological Chemistry, Weizmann Institute of Science
  Protein mutations for better and for worse
24.3.2008 Dr. Asaf Hellman
Department of Cellular Biochemistry and Human Genetics The Hebrew University
Towards a genetic-epigenetic screen for common human disease genes
31.3.2008 Dr. Sara Cohen-Krausz
Department of Membrane and Ultrastructure research
The Hebrew university
  Form Follows Function:
The Design of Archaeabacterial Flagella


Micrococcus luteus annotation jamboree
Details and schedule
Special seminar



Rubin Auditorium

Dr. Victor Markowitz
Head of Department of Biological Data Management and Technology Center, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)
Dr. Nikos Kyrpides
Head of Genome Biology Program, Joint Genome Institute (JGI)
  The Integrated Microbial Genomes (IMG) system
5.5.2008 Dr. Ora Schueler-Furman
Department of Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology, The Hebrew university
  OF rescuing MICE AND MEN: Structure-based computational design of superantigen inhibitors
19.5.2008 Dr.Gila Lithwick
Rosetta Genomics
  MicroRNA-Based Diagnostic Tools for Cancer
Special seminar

3.7.2008 9:00

Dr. Naftali Kaminski, MD
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
faculty seminar room Size does not matter mRNAs and microRNAs
in Lung Fibrosis


Fall 2007 seminar list:

5.11.2007 Dr. Tal Pupko
Cell Research and Immunology Department, Tel-Aviv University
Codon evolutionary models and their applications
19.11.2007 Prof. David Harel
Weizmann Institute of Science
  Playing with Biology in silico, or On Comprehensive and Realistic Modeling of Natural Systems
3.12.2007 Prof. Edward Trifonov
Genome Diversity Center, Institute of Evolution
University of Haifa
  The very first genes. Reconstruction and invitation to cooking Life
17.12.2007 Dr. Liran Carmel
National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)
National Library of Medicine (NLM)
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  Evolution of gene architecture: challenging the neutral paradigm
7.1.2008 Dr. Gali Prag
Department of Biochemistry, Tel-Aviv University
  Convergent Evolution in Ubiquitin Binding: A Structural Mechanism for Membrane-Proteins Trafficking
14.1.2008 Dr. Daniela Amann-Zalcenstein
Molecular Genetics, Weizmann Institute of Science
  Identification of susceptibility genes for schizophrenia


Spring 2007 seminar list:

Special seminar


Prof. Naama Barkai
Department of Molecular Genetics
Weizmann Institute of Science
Principles of Gene Expression Evolution
26.3.07 Dr. Daniel Goldenberg
The Institute of Gene Therapy
Hadassah Medical Center
Understanding liver cancer by gene expression profiling: relevance of mouse models
16.4.2007 Prof. Irun Cohen
Department of Immunology
Weizmann Institute of Science
  Immune System Computation
30.4.2007 Dr. Eitan Rubin
Department of Life Sciences
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
  On Age, blood and genetic disorders: using Homo sapiens as a model system for phenomic studies
21.5.2007 Dr. Noam Slonim
IBM Research
  Finding Informative Regulatory Elements
28.5.2007 Prof. Meir Edelman
Department of Plant Sciences
Weizmann Institute of Science
  Predicting metal binding sites in proteins from the DNA sequence
11.6.2007 Dr. Roded Sharan
School of Computer Science
Tel-Aviv University
  Transcriptional regulation of protein complexes within and across species
25.6.2007 Dr. Ruth Hershberg
Stanford University
  Reduced selection leads to accelerated gene loss in Shigella

Fall 2006 seminar list:

30.10.2006 Dr. Dima Lukatsky
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Harvard University
  Structural similarity enhances interaction propensity of proteins
13.11.2006 Dr. Danny Barash
Department of Computer Science
Ben-Gurion University
  Computational Design of RNA Switches
27.11.2006 Prof. Boris Rubinsky
Department of Engineering and Computer Science
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 
  New surgical technologies at the cellular, molecular and nano scale
11.12.2006 Dr. Itamar Simon
Department of Molecular Biology,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  Genomic approaches for studying the mammalian cell cycle
25.12.2006 Prof. Edward Trifonov
Genome Diversity Center, Institute of Evolution
University of Haifa
  Justified diversity and hurdles of nucleosome positioning
8.1.2007 Dr. Nir Ben-Tal
Department of Biochemistry
Tel-Aviv University
  Modeling the structure of the EmrE multidrug transporter: when two x-ray structures are not enough
Special seminar


Prof. Ernest Fraenkel
Biological Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  Using High-Throughput Data to Understand Transcriptional Regulation



Special seminar:

18.9.2006   Sarel Fleishman
                 Departement of Biochemistry
                 Tel-Aviv University

                 Structure prediction in transmembrane proteins:
                 models of the gap junction intercellular channel
                 and the bacterial small multidrug resistance
                 transporter EmrE


Spring 2006 seminar list:

6.3.2006 Dr. Yael Mandel-Gutfreund
Faculty of Biology
Technion - Israeli Institute of Technology

Choosing the End: Regulation of Alternative Splicing at 3' Splice Sites

20.3.2006 Dr. Ron Milo
Molecular Cell Biology
Weizmann Institute of Science

Variability and memory of protein levels in human cells

27.3.2006 Prof. Shlomo Trachtenberg
Institute of Microbiology
The Hebrew University

From single molecules to swimming cells: electron crystallography of the molecular linear machinery
underlying Spiroplasma motility

3.4.2006 Prof. Erez Braun
Department of Physiscs
Technion - Israeli Institute of Technology
  Gene recruitment and adaptive reprogramming of gene regulation in yeast
24.4.2006 Dr. Nathalie Questembert-Balaban
The Racah Institute of Physiscs
The Hebrew University
  Bacterial persistence in the light of microfluidics
1.5.2006 Dr. Sharona Elgavish
Bioinformatics Unit
The Hebrew University
  Structural bioinformatics analysis: how can it assist your lab research?
8.5.2006 Ms. Gila Lithwick
Department of Molecular Genetics & Biotechnology
The Hebrew University
  The Regulation and Co-evolution of Protein Levels in Bacteria
22.5.2006 Dr. Eran Segal

Department of Computer Science And Applied Mathematics
Weizmann Institute of Science


A Genomic Code for Nucleosome Positioning and Chromosome Function

19.6.2006 Dr. Gil Ast
Department of Molecular Genetics & Biochemistry
Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University

The complex world of splicing regulatory sequences


Fall 2005 seminar list:

7.11.2005 Prof. Michal Linial
Department of Biological Chemistry
The Hebrew University
  Pandora box: from sequence to knowledge

Dr. Chen Keasar

Department of Computer Science and Department of Life Sciences
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

  MESHI - a new software package for protein structure prediction
5.12.2005 Dr. Ora Furman-Schueler
Department of Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology
The Hebrew University

Prospects for structure-based functional characterization of protein-protein interactions

26.12.2005 Prof. Joel Sussman
Department of Structural Biology
Weizmann Institute of Science

Acetylcholinesterase: Key Enzyme in Neurotransmission Moonlights with Unexpected Additional Roles

9.1.2006 Prof. Nir Friedman
School of Computer Science and Engineering
The Hebrew University

Single-nucleosome mapping of histone modifications in
S. cerevisiae

23.1.2006 Dr. Tzachi Pilpel
Department of Molecular Genetics
Weizmann Institute of Science

The role of translational control and phenotypic divergence


Spring 2005 seminar list:

7.3.2005 Dr. Itamar Simon
Department of Molecular Biology, The Hebrew University
  Genome-wide analysis of cancer related DNA hypermethylation
21.3.2005 Prof. Amiram Goldblum
Department of Medicinal Chemistry & Natural Products, The Hebrew University
  Complexity in Protein Structure Prediction and Design
4.4.2005 Prof. Edward Trifonov
Genome Diversity Center, Institute of Evolution, University of Haifa
  Modular structure of proteins. The modules conserved since LUCA.
18.4.2005 Passover vacation
2.5.2005 Dr. Yanay Ofran
Columbia University
  De Novo Function Prediction: Identifying New DNA-Binding Proteins
9.5.2005 Dr. Aviv Regev
Bauer Center for Genomics Research,
Harvard University
  How to win genes and influence proteins: The function and evolution of molecular networks
16.5.2005 Dr. Rakefet Rosenfeld
  Sweet Calculations: Computing the Structure of Carbohydrates
23.5.2005 Prof. Michael Levitt
Dept. of Structural Biology, Stanford University
  Playing with Toy Models of the Protein Universe
30.5.2005 Dr. Eli Eisenberg
Compugen Ltd., and
School of Physics and astronomy, Tel Aviv University
  Transcriptome-wide search for A-to-I RNA Editing
6.6.2005 Prof. Ron Unger,
Faculty of Life Science, Bar-Ilan University
  Analysis of Partial Protein Structures in the PDB Database.


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